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The fireplace is always an integral part of a home. It is not only a necessity, but it is also an amenity that can boost the aesthetics of the interiors when properly designed and installed. At Fire Finesse, LLC, we make it a point to keep the fireplace as one of the focal points in your home. We transform it into an area where you can rest and relax after a stressful day at work or gather with your loved ones during chilly nights. And to ensure that the area is perfect for such activities, we always recommend adding finely crafted fireplace surrounds and mantels.

Improving the Aesthetics of Your Interiors


As mentioned, a fireplace not only provide warmth. It can also help improve the aesthetics of your interiors when creatively designed and built. For example, by just adding exquisitely designed fireplace surrounds and mantels, the look of the interiors can dramatically improve. These additions can also serve as accents to highlight the fire feature or be used to complement with the existing theme of a home. Whether you’re a home owner or a designer tasked to create a unique touch to a home, you will always find these awesome fireplace additions as vital to your home improvement project. If you are a DIY homeowner, you can also experiment with various designs or themes. You can choose a European theme, which is still popular with its large fireplaces, marble surrounds, gilded corners, and accents made with wrought iron or other materials.

Great Options from Wood to Stone Fireplace Surrounds


We have a showroom in Wethersfield, CT where you can find a wide range of fireplace surround materials to choose from. Our friendly staff can show you our natural stone surrounds. If you are after elegance, we recommend natural stones surrounds, such as granite, marble, and slate. We highly recommend black granite since it retains its luster even after many years. You will also find our selection of fine marble surrounds hard to resist. You can choose from different colors, shades, and finishes. We’ll also teach you how to keep this type of stone looking clean and shiny all the time.

Elegant Fireplace Surrounds from Fire Finesse


At Fire Finesse, LLC, we have durable and elegant fireplace surrounds that can make your home’s interior more appealing. By installing granite, marble or sone surrounds, we can easily achieve for you a more inviting and cozy indoors.

Call us today at 860-529-3473 to learn more about our product offerings. From fireplaces to accessories, such as fireplace surrounds and mantels, we can provide and install them for you at very reasonable prices. Our team of expert installers can also assist you in choosing the best fixtures and accessories for your fireplaces. Contact us today.

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