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A hot tub is a valuable amenity in your home. It provides health benefits and serves as a perfect spot for rest and relaxation. Aside from these benefits, this amenity will also help improve the value of your property. A premium hot tub package, for example, can cost you around $5,000 to $14,000. The cost may go beyond this range if you add other features and accessories. With the considerable amount that you have to spend on a hot tub, it is necessary to protect it from the environmental elements such as extreme weather conditions. The most recommended add-ons are hot tub covers. These accessories are best purchased together with your new units.

However, not all hot tub covers are created equal. There are premium brands that can offer optimum protection while there are other covers with limited capabilities. If you need help on how to choose the right type of covers for your hot tubs, please let us know at Fire Finesse, LLC. As certified hot tub installers, we know the best brands and types of covers that will perform well in various weather conditions and outdoor setups. We only recommend brands that are tested and proven durable, appealing, and long-lasting. Please contact us at 860-529-FIRE (3473) if you're from Hartford CT, Newington CT, New Britain CT, Middletown CT, Bristol CT, Manchester CT, Windsor CT, Farmington CT, Vernon CT, and Wethersfield CT. We will not only offer you premium-quality hot tubs but also top-of-the-line covers and other accessories.

Premium-Grade Hot Tub Covers

Our advice to would-be buyers of hot tubs and spas is to never settle for inferior brands. You may be required to shell out more money for purchasing a top-quality unit, but you will be assured of a tough and excellently designed product. This is also true when buying accessories such as hot tub covers. Opting for traditional covers will save you some money, but their capabilities are limited.

Meanwhile, the qualities that you must look for in a hot tub cover include:

  • Premium-grade materials. The type of materials used in your hot tub cover will determine its durability. A reliable cover should be made from dense foam that is surrounded by a sealed water-proof material. The final cover should be enclosed in a weather-resistant material such as marine-grade vinyl.

  • Sturdy construction. Look for hot tub covers that are at least 5 inches thick and reinforced by steel and C channel brace. Choose only brands that are ASTM certified.

  • Innovative design. Choose a hot tub cover that is attractive and effective in sealing the heat from your unit. The color and design should also match with the hot tub and outdoor setup or theme.

Buying Hot Tub Covers

There are a lot of hot tub manufacturers in the market today. Most of them also offer hot tub covers that are specifically designed for their products. At Fire Finesse, LLC, we always recommend to our clients to buy only from one manufacturer. This is to ensure a snug fit and proper functioning of the cover. If you buy an Arctic's hot tub, don't forget to buy its patented Mylovac hot tub cover. It’s extremely durable.


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